Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been a busy summer!

Sorry for being MIA, it has been a very busy summer! Here's a quick recap...

In May we went to the zoo.

In June we went on vacation with my mom and nephew. We stayed at Massanutten Resort in Virginia. We visited Monticello - plantation owned by Thomas Jefferson and Luray Caverns. Both were very interesting and lots of fun, well except the part where Ella and I were kicked out of the Monicello tour. I don't know why they asked us to leave, obviously Ella was in a very cooperative and pleasant mood. They did let me go through with another group after our tour was over.

This picture does not do Luray Caverns justice by any means. It is by far the best caves I have ever toured. If you happen to be in the area I would highly recommend it!

This picture of "Reflection Lake" sort of not really captures the beauty of the place....seriously, it was gorgeous and amazing!
In July we visited Darren's parents in Wisconsin. Here we are harvesting peas from the garden.
In August Ella and Henry made mud pies.
And we picked blueberries...

Check out all of those blueberries!!