Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowed in with sick people

We got snow. Lots of snow. My car is buried. I won't be able to back out unless I shovel a path but I don't have a shovel handy. I'm sure it is in the garage, somewhere. I took Darren's car and slid to the library today with Ella. We hung out for a couple of hours...picked up some Signing Times DVD, played on the computers, storytime, played in the play area. You know you have cabin fever when you can hang at the library for over 2 hours and still not be ready to go home.

Darren is sick. I think it is just a cold...he hasn't said much and has slept pretty much all day long. Ella has a cold. I know she doesn't feel well because she is so clingy and whiny. I think her ears are bothering her. The good news is that after fighting a nap for well over an hour she finally fell asleep and slept for 4 hours!!!

My computer has a virus. I spent several hours last night attempting to get rid of it. I was unsuccessful. I'm very frustrated and about to take it to the professionals. I'm not over the idea of paying money when it is something I should be able to fix myself.

This weekend is a big scrapbook weekend. I can't wait!!! I am in so need of some girl's time not to mention I have a ton of pictures to scrapbook. Darren was kind enough to use a vacation day so I can go for more of the weekend. He's the best!

And lastly, I changed the background/layout of the blog...what do you think? I found a site ( that gives you the code for backgrounds for free. Thanks Jan for the new look! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing in the sink...unsupervised

Today I allowed Ella to "wash some dishes".

I stepped away for just a minute, I swear.

She can reach the faucet.

Enough said.

Food can not touch

Yesterday Ella was having a snack of blueberries. She had eaten quite a few blueberries so I decided to add some strawberries to the mix. Silly me cut them up and put them right into the bowl with the blueberries. I isn't supposed to touch. I did not teach my daughter this (at least not intentionally even though I don't like my food to touch either) so I had to grab the camera when I found her meticulously picking the strawberries out of her bowl and putting them to the side. This then led to a series of pictures of her making silly faces.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Awesome surprise!

Check out the new books Ella recieved this weekend!!! They are from my Aunt Cheryl. She called a few weeks ago and said she was cleaning out some of Kaylee's things and asked if we were interested in some books...I had no idea this is what she meant though! We are thrilled to have a new library of books (and videos and music and stuffed animals)!!!! One of the 'animals' is a Care Bear that sings to you...Ella loves it. She would answer it's questions and was hugging and kissing sweet. Thanks Cheryl for hooking us up!!!

And that's Cleo posing in the picture - silly cat. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayers for a little girl

My friend Laura's daughter has been diagnosed with Lupus and could use lots of prayers. Here is her website that you can get more information about what is going on with Izzy and to leave Izzy a special message to brighten her day.

Laura has her own set of medical issues and she could use a few prayers for herself as well. :)

I heart them a whole lot and just want them to be happy AND healthy!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

The ice and snow have arrived! We mostly have a nice layer of ice which makes walking a fun adventure. Today it snowed so Ella and I went outside for a short time. Ella is not a fan of the cold. She always wants picked up and carried when we are outside so she can bury her face in your chest to keep warm. I don't mind a little extra snuggle!!

Ella wore her snow pants and I tried to get her to wear her boots but she said they hurt her feet. She says all shoes but her brown shoes hurt her feet, but I digress. She frequently insists on taking "doll" with us whenever we leave home. It is a nice compromise because she also frequently wants to take her shopping cart with us. Anyways, here is Ella all bundled up and having a grand time.

We also painted some pictures today. I found some of the squeeze paintbrushes on clearance. Ella hasn't figured out that you can squeeze them to get more paint to come out so for now they are relatively mess free = YEAH!!

After painting, Ella took a bubble bath with the new Elmo bubbles. Not sure where the love for Elmo comes from since we never watch him on tv but Ella is quite fascinated with him so I was glad when I found the Elmo bubble bath. Ella got soap in her eyes one time and she hasn't forgotten about it. Fingers crossed that she doesn't get Elmo bubbles in her eyes!!!

And our last big project of the day was making dulce de leche bars. Darren had about one bite before declaring them too much caramel-y goodness for one family so we will be sharing the rest with my coworkers. The recipe is here:
I warn you...they are super rich!

And here is a little message from Ella: g g ggggg;332

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my latest project and Ella eats her toes

I decided it was time I got a new hobby...cause ya know, I have tons of free time. So, I used my gift card to Jo-anns (thanks Marnie) to pick up a 'learn to crochet' kit for kids. I took a few practice rows and then dove right into making my first project. Can you tell what it is?

Well, in case you can't...that, my friends is the start of a scarf. :) I know it isn't quite perfect but I am pleased with how it is turning out so far. Maybe one day I will even start (and possibly finish) a nice blanket for Ella. I asked her if she wanted one and she said yes.

And speaking of Ella, the other day I snapped this picture of her.

That's right...sucking on her toes. She actually had a sippy cup of milk and she was shaking the cup to put a drop of milk on her toe and then was sucking it off. that's my girl! :)

my very first entry aka why

here we insight into the random thoughts of Marcie...better hold on to your hats kids, it could get windy in here.

ok, that was lame, but too might as well prepare yourself now for what is about to come. :)