Tuesday, June 23, 2009

park, fountain and a quick nap!

Ella and I checked out a new park in Westerville. We actually didn't stay long at the park because it was hot and the sun made all of the equipment hot to the touch. Ella actually said "okay, I'm ready to go now."


We then headed over to Easton to play in the fountains. I wasn't planning to go there so we didn't have her swimsuit or towel. Actually, we only had a shirt in the diaper bag because we had used the shorts and hadn't replaced them yet. Oh well, being wet won't hurt anyone right? Thankfully they provide towels at Easton - Sweet! They also provide juice boxes for the kids. We will definitely be returning.

I think she was worn out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Greek Festival

Ella, Granny and I went to Canton to visit the Snyders. Just a few blocks from their house was the Greek Festival. I love greek food (well specifically chicken gyros) so we headed on over. They also have rides for the kids. I bought a wristband so Ella could have unlimited rides. I was a touch worried because she looked at all the little kid rides and refused to go on them...uh oh....

Waiting for the Giant Bee ride to start...

I think she likes it...

Entertaining herself while in line for another ride. That is Sam's finger she is examining.

All strapped in on the dragon roller coaster ride.

I think she likes this ride too...
Actually - I know she LOVED the roller coaster because before she even got off of it she was saying "Again, again!!"

The giant barrel. Sam and I both rode this with her (he is on the other side of the car). I held on to the center wheel to prevent excessive spinning. I didn't want Ella to be too afraid because you are just sitting on a bench - no seatbelt. Turns out, she likes to spin.

The giant whale...
She didn't care so much for the rides like the whale - she wanted the roller coaster! She also wanted to ride the "scrambler" but after waiting in line we learned you have to be 48 inches tall. She cried. Back to the giant whale for my little dare devil!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy Date

Ella and Darren are officially on their first father/daughter date tonight.

I bought tickets for them to see...

drum roll please...

Dora Live!

Here they are all dolled up (meaning sort of clean shirts and combed hair) right before they left for the theater.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fluffy Pillow

I finished my first "big" sewing project tonight. I made a pillow for Ella.

One side...

The other side...

Ella loving on it...

another picture of my cute kid holding her cute pillow...



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pretty Pink Toes

I painted Ella's toenails today.

One might think I was nuts.

It was pretty quick actually (I won't say it is a professional job or anything of course).

I used a quick dry polish and after painting them we read a couple books while they dried. She is very concerned about them being wet and getting messed up so now she is watching a video while they dry some more.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All done

We are finished. Finally!

Ella on the glider.

and random bird update without pictures...
A couple weeks ago I went to take another picture and the baby bird was gone. I searched around trying to see if he had been tossed from the nest but didn't find anything. I was a bit sad and felt guilty that maybe my constant spying had angered the parents. I was wrong (yeah)...there are now 3 birds that peck at the window - mommy, daddy and baby. I decided to check the nest and there are 3 new eggs. woohoo!