Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hodge podge

1. We all survived the Boston trip...last week I spent 4 days pilfering through paper files at the dept of health in Boston. In the evenings I was rewarded with subway rides and good food. I really like steak and creme brulee - especially on someone else's dime. Darren was home for his longest solo parenting time. They both seemed to have a good time together and the house was really clean when I got home. Shocking, eh? I have 2 more full weeks in Boston in the future. Hopefully Darren and Ella will be able to go along.

2. Ella is LOVING her new daycare. A friend that has 2 little girls is watching her for us. On Monday morning I asked Ella if she remembered where she was going that day and her face lit up and she said "yeah, R & V's house". So, we got dressed and I fixed her breakfast. She finished it before I had my own breakfast ready! She handed me her dishes and said "ok, let's go bye-byes." When we got there she was very excited and ran right inside to play! It's so much easier to leave her when I know how much fun she is having!!

3. On Saturday we went with some friends to the zoo. It was very crowded but we had fun. There is a new baby elephant at the zoo. The wait to see him is at least 2 hours so we haven't seen him yet. But we did go on the boat ride and saw the gorillas and bonobos and several other animals.

4. Darren taped Ella to the chair. Does that require an explanation? I have no idea why but she thought it was funny.

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