Thursday, July 16, 2009

July = Busy

July has been a very busy month.

We travelled to Wisconsin to visit Darren's parents for a week. We stopped in the Dells for a half a day. We spent a night at the cabin (I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and frequently quoted the Parent Trap "get me outta this stinking fresh air") and went to the Minneapolis Science Center.

We returned home in time to head to Canton for Sam's 9th birthday party and Henry's 1st birthday party. On the way home from there we went to the family reunion on my mom's side of the family. It was at a park in Zanesville that I haven't been to in years...much smaller than I remember it being.

Last weekend was a birthday weekend scrapbook crop. It was so wonderful to spend a weekend crafting with friends!!!

Here are a few pictures from all of our adventures...

On the Wisconsin Dells Duck Tour...

Feeding Deer at the Wisconsin Deer Park

Miniature Train Ride

Swimming in the lake at the cabin...brrr!

boating at the lake

Minneapolis Science Center...heartbeat machine

Science center - doing a puzzle

The birthday boys and Ella

Cake face

hopefully I will have more time and keep up with the blog a little better. :)

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