Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ella's Birthday

Ella's birthday party was a wild animal theme. We had it in the play area of a local church. You can rent the facility which was perfect because it was just our group there. Our biggest complaint was the sun blaring in on us (made for difficulty taking pictures along with just being able to see what we were doing). We survived, just pointing it out so you aren't wondering why the pictures are the way they are.

The food...

We had animal shaped cheese and salami...elephant and moose

Animal shaped sandwiches...elephant, giraffe and crocodile

and of course, animal shaped cupcakes...monkeys, lions, zebras and tigers

a close up...

The kids were all invited to make their own plate. We did this when I was a kid and still use the plates at my mom's house.

Opening gifts...
Ella got several wonderful gifts...thanks again everybody!!

I love how the girls (who were all sitting so very nicely while Ella opened gifts) were excited and very carefully pointing out something on the box just seems so sweet.

I need to take a picture of the invite, so will post that when I do it. I was quite proud of how the invites and cupcakes turned out. :)


  1. All the pictures look awesome, and everything is so cute! I love the theme!

  2. How adorable! Those sandwiches and the cheese plate are super creative...and don't even get me started on the cute cupcakes!

  3. How very sweet! Love the animal theme!

  4. Wow! So cute! What a great theme!

  5. Twas a lovely party! Once again, your animal-shaped food stole the show! Remind me to upload some pictures for you.