Sunday, February 21, 2010


Since we bought our house we have done little to decorate. A lot of the problem is we just can't decide what to do. Well, we finally took the plunge and had our basement painted. Thanks Marla and Tim!!!

The basement serves as our family/tv room and Ella's play area. There is an electric fireplace down there (thank heavens because it is the only source of heat) and above the fireplace there is a massive hole in the wall so that we have access to our water shut-offs. The first day we moved in the cats were sticking their heads in the hole so we knew it had to be covered before one of them fell in so we put up the only picture that wasn't in a box. It is still there. I think it is way too big for the spot and want to put something else there....any ideas? A fancy mirror?

Another decorating dilemna we have is on one of the walls there is a little built in cut-out shelf thing. I don't know what you call it. You can see it in the pictures...what should we put in there? I was thinking of maybe a pretty vase with some simple flowers? Any other ideas? I worry that the cats will chew on any flowers we put there. the little troublemakers!

We have also been debating about what to do with the giant tv cabinet. I go back and forth between leaving it the way it is and tossing that and hanging a nice flat panel on the wall. But what do you do with the components and the videos? Decisions, decisions. What would you do? I think the cabinet takes up a ton of space so hanging the tv on the wall would give us another 2 feet to the room in a way.

The most annoying thing right now is that we have a dvd player, a vcr and a wii and the way it is set up right now is you can only have 1 plugged in to the tv at a time. And the plug-ins are on the back. So really, I would be happy with any set up that didn't involve messing with the electronics depending on what I want to do.

Of course, money is something to consider. We decided to only work on one room at a time so if we go all out with a new tv then it will slow down projects for the rest of the house. I would LOVE to get new furniture but we have decided to hold off on that for awhile longer. Sigh. See what I mean about making decisions? are the pictures. You look and comment with ideas...we need ideas...or better yet, come on over and decorate it for us. :)

Oh, and we are painting the stairwell to the basement the same color as the TV part of the basement....if we have leftover paint from that, we will paint the ladder to the 'clubhouse'.

ok, for real, here are the pictures.

Looking into the play area part. We need some lights in the clubhouse area...I was thinking rope lighting, any other ideas?

The tv area...see the white part...what should we put in there? guess you can't see the fireplace too well, it is on an angle and the picture is pretty much the width of the wall.
Another shot of the playroom looking the other way.
And the clubhouse...see how dark it is.

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  1. I love the color you chose! And I think rope lighting would be awesome in the little "clubhouse" to help brighten it up. I wish I had something that cool when I was little!

    For that white part on the wall, maybe you could get some shadow boxes or picture frames to put in it. Those are always so hard to work with!