Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More basement...

Something is missing...or rather, has been replaced! We finally decided to take the plunge into HD tv land.

We bought some wall sticker thingys for the play area. I was really worried about how hard it would be to put up and how it would look. Well, I think it turned out awesome. :) Ella saw it this morning and said "oh, it's boo-tiful!!"

Aside from ordering some photos to fit some frames and hanging those in the basement, we are done with this area. woohooo!!! Well, unless we decide to try and stain the coffee table to match the tv stand and fireplace.


  1. Love the stickers! Very cute :)

  2. Cute stickers! Love the TV. Welcome to HDTV!

  3. love those owls!! Where did you find these!?

  4. The owls were purchased at Target, in the kids bedding area.