Monday, February 16, 2009

Nursemaid's Elbow and Princess Dresses

First the bad news: On Thursday Ella partially dislocated her elbow. Ella and Darren were playing the classic game of airplane, where he was holding onto her arms and swinging her around. He set her down and she started crying the cry where you just KNOW immediately that something is very wrong. She was holding her arm and really wouldn't let us look but we saw a red welt on her wrist. We concluded that her skin must've gotten pinched on Darren's wrist.

We were actually out looking at houses and were at our last one chatting when it happened, so we loaded up in the car and headed home. Ella fell asleep in the car, much to our relief. Well, turns out Ella is able to sleep through some intense pain! As soon as we got home and she woke up she started crying again, so off to urgent care. Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Ella HATES going to the doctor. Hates with a passion!

So, we get to urgent care and get called back into the room and Ella isn't about to let some doctor come near her or her arm. I figure this was going to be a rough visit (I had no idea how they would fix the problem, or what the problem even was at this point). Well, the doctor (who was excellent, btw) heard what happened and immediately knew what the problem was. He did a quick exam to confirm and then popped her elbow right back in.

The look of relief that crossed Ella's face was priceless. She was immediately fine - able to move her arm without pain, stopped crying and started asking for her lollipop. What a relief!

Of course since this happened once it is more likely to happen again. No more airplane, no more holding hands and swinging your way through a parking lot (which was great for avoiding puddles), no more hanging by her arms.

And the good news: Ella got a new princess dress, Complete with tiara and "silk" slippers. :)

And I just thought this was a cute pictures. She was posing. :)

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