Sunday, March 22, 2009

boxes, boxes and more boxes

We are busy packing! Monday is closing day (assuming the loan people get it together) and rumor on the street is we will get possession that day as well (instead of Thursday per our contract). We really don't have a whole lot to pack since most of our belongings are in storage, but we've pretty much filled the "dining room" with boxes. We sold our dining table and chairs and bought new ones. We also bought new living room furniture! Darren will pick the new furniture up on Friday and take it right on over to the new house!

We went for our final walk-through on Friday. The owners were there so they could explain the irrigation system to us and show us some house specific things. Very cool of them. They are super nice and very organized. woohoo!

Still not sure Ella understands what is going on, but I know she is going to LOVE her new house! On a related Ella note, we found new daycare. We interviewed several people and finally found one we liked. Well, she called the next day and said that she no longer has an opening for Ella. We were really bummed!

A friend of mine was looking to watch someone. We visited and know it is the right place for Ella. She has 2 little girls and they all get along great. I'm so relieved!

Time for more packing and planning...

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  1. I am right there with you! So exciting and so tiring!