Monday, May 25, 2009

Swingset Progress

Another afternoon spent hammering away on the swingset and we still aren't done. We would be finished except the slide is cracked. I called the swingset company for a replacement but it took several days before I actually got to speak to someone. The slide is on its way and should be here before next weekend.

In the meantime, Ella has been enjoying the swings and climbing up the ladder and having someone lift her down so she can climb right back up (I can't wait for the slide to be installed!!!!).

Things we have learned so far...

1. Ella likes to have all possible swinging attachments swinging at the same time.
2. Ella does not care if they swing straight or are going sideways.
3. Ella swings on her belly.
4. Ella's head is like a giant magnet to other swinging objects.

So, as a precaution to her hitting her head on the side of the swingset (since she doesn't swing straight or watch where she is going) we decided to put some rubber pipe insulation around the wood. It's Klassy!

Cracked slide...

swingset with actual swings...

oh all those birds the contraption in my yard is a SWINGSET not a Port-a-john!!!!!


  1. LOL we had ours up a total of 3 hrs before a giant white plop happened on the slide.

    I think it looks great!

  2. Looks GREAT! What a ton of work. I love the 2 person swing thing. We've been looking for something like that for the girls.

  3. Oh, and she may have learned the belly swing thing from Ruby. LOL

  4. I think it is time for her to host a backyard BBQ on her new picnic table, don't you? :-)