Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Black Raspberry" Pie

I made a pretty.

I stopped at a local market the other day and much to my delight they had a cart with several pints of "black raspberries". I was so excited! Last year we picked our own black raspberries but when we called this year we were just a little too late. I was so disappointed because black raspberry pie is one of my all time favorites...nothing like a slice of warm black raspberry pie and some cold vanilla ice cream - yummy stuff!!!

Well, when I saw those berries I started drooling and scooped up 4 pints!

Last night Darren and I made the pie...he was in charge of the insides and I was in charge of the outside. I think it turned out rather pretty!

Today, Granny came over for lunch (she is easily bribed with words like steak and pie). Darren finished his lunch first and couldn't wait for the rest of us. He starts eating his pie and says it taste tart. My reply - "you were in charge of the insides".

Not detered by his review I got my own piece of pie.

Warmed it.

Added ice cream.

Took a bite.

Something's wrong.

It doesn't taste like much of anything. Granny gets her piece and takes a bite and asks "are you sure these are black raspberries?"

Big. Heavy. Sigh.

After much discussion we decided that the berries were mulberries.

Lesson Learned!

We still ate the pie.

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