Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pie and Cake

Check out these beauties. I bet they make delicious pie.

Better taste test just to be sure.

Add some spices.

There were some technical difficulties with the crust. Generally a good sign that things will taste good, even if they aren't all that pretty. Maybe I should say that it was a hand-crafted pie.

Yep, it was de-licious!

4 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I rarely make layer cakes so this was something new. It's a touch lopsided. *note the pretty backdrop.

layers are a bit uneven but not to shabby for a first attempt.

Here is the "backdrop" I mentioned earlier. I asked Darren to take a picture of the cake and rather than move it to a clear area of counter he just snaps some random picture (it has been deleted). I may have mentioned something about making it look pretty and taking into consideration the area around it and the picture having a good backdrop. He disappears and comes back with this piece of cardboard packaging from a recent toy purchase. I had saved it because it was cute and I thought we could find some cool use for it...little did I know.

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