Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

The ice and snow have arrived! We mostly have a nice layer of ice which makes walking a fun adventure. Today it snowed so Ella and I went outside for a short time. Ella is not a fan of the cold. She always wants picked up and carried when we are outside so she can bury her face in your chest to keep warm. I don't mind a little extra snuggle!!

Ella wore her snow pants and I tried to get her to wear her boots but she said they hurt her feet. She says all shoes but her brown shoes hurt her feet, but I digress. She frequently insists on taking "doll" with us whenever we leave home. It is a nice compromise because she also frequently wants to take her shopping cart with us. Anyways, here is Ella all bundled up and having a grand time.

We also painted some pictures today. I found some of the squeeze paintbrushes on clearance. Ella hasn't figured out that you can squeeze them to get more paint to come out so for now they are relatively mess free = YEAH!!

After painting, Ella took a bubble bath with the new Elmo bubbles. Not sure where the love for Elmo comes from since we never watch him on tv but Ella is quite fascinated with him so I was glad when I found the Elmo bubble bath. Ella got soap in her eyes one time and she hasn't forgotten about it. Fingers crossed that she doesn't get Elmo bubbles in her eyes!!!

And our last big project of the day was making dulce de leche bars. Darren had about one bite before declaring them too much caramel-y goodness for one family so we will be sharing the rest with my coworkers. The recipe is here:
I warn you...they are super rich!

And here is a little message from Ella: g g ggggg;332


  1. Great pic! She is the opposite of Violet, she could stay outside all day if I let her. Sitting in the snow, eating it, you name it. I need to get some snow pants for her though. Ella's are so cute.

  2. she looks so cute! off to check to leche bars....sounds like something marc would LOVE!