Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowed in with sick people

We got snow. Lots of snow. My car is buried. I won't be able to back out unless I shovel a path but I don't have a shovel handy. I'm sure it is in the garage, somewhere. I took Darren's car and slid to the library today with Ella. We hung out for a couple of hours...picked up some Signing Times DVD, played on the computers, storytime, played in the play area. You know you have cabin fever when you can hang at the library for over 2 hours and still not be ready to go home.

Darren is sick. I think it is just a cold...he hasn't said much and has slept pretty much all day long. Ella has a cold. I know she doesn't feel well because she is so clingy and whiny. I think her ears are bothering her. The good news is that after fighting a nap for well over an hour she finally fell asleep and slept for 4 hours!!!

My computer has a virus. I spent several hours last night attempting to get rid of it. I was unsuccessful. I'm very frustrated and about to take it to the professionals. I'm not over the idea of paying money when it is something I should be able to fix myself.

This weekend is a big scrapbook weekend. I can't wait!!! I am in so need of some girl's time not to mention I have a ton of pictures to scrapbook. Darren was kind enough to use a vacation day so I can go for more of the weekend. He's the best!

And lastly, I changed the background/layout of the blog...what do you think? I found a site ( that gives you the code for backgrounds for free. Thanks Jan for the new look! :)


  1. We seem to be on parallel paths this week! AT least I don't have a sick husband. :-) I'm at the point where I'm looking forward to being in Jackson for a week!

  2. We were all sick last week too. Well, the girls and I, not my Dh. I actually had to call in a mommy sick day to my husband. LOL
    I hope you guys already feel better!